Root Canal Obturation – Microscope

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Endodontics involves removal of the nerve and performing an obturation of the dental canal in cases where a cavity has caused deeper damage.
Root canal obturation can be done through both classical and modern methods, which account for different prices.
Modern techniques of preparing and obturating dental canals (vertical and lateral condensation, fluid gutta-percha and microscope treatments) offer better long term, predictable results. It’s common knowledge that a living tooth is stronger. This is why, at LLL Dental, we don’t remove the nerve unless it is absolutely necessary:

  • inflammation of the dental pulp (irreversible damage)
  • extremely deep cavities (severe pain)
  • prosthetic reasons (to prepare the adjacent teeth for prosthetic work)

The need for root canal obturation is assessed following a series of x-rays (retro-alveolar and/or panoramic and/or CT scans) and a proper diagnosis: vitality tests, photos, assessment of the tissue around the tooth.




Preparation of the canals is done using rotating needles adapted to special microengines. Their position inside the canal is displayed on a monitor, in real time, with no irradiation. The spinning speed is variable, set by a microprocessor depending on the position inside the canal and the resistance it meets.
For your safety, when reaching the tip of the root (apex), the microengines slows down and automatically reverses the direction, taking the needle out. In this way, we have an exact image of the inside of the canal, thus avoiding the subjectivity of blind procedures. The needles are made from a very flexible nickel-titanium alloy, with shape memory (after they bent, they recover their initial shape, right away). This feature is extremely useful in treating narrow and especially sinuous canals ensuring a correct and complete access to the apex.


[hr] Root canal obturation with gutta-percha allows us to apply condensation techniques (vertical and lateral). The material fills the entire net of canals, sealing them for a very long period of time.

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