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Canal obturation is the final step after the nerve has been removed or after root treatment. Immediately following the canal obturation, the treated tooth might become sensitive. The feeling might range from a slight discomfort (when you apply pressure) to sudden pain. It is natural and can last anywhere from a few days to 3 weeks. If the pain is more intense please give us a call. The discomfort can be removed by taking an anti-inflammatory (nurofen, ketonal, aspirin etc.).
Following canal obturation, your endodontist applies a temporary filling. Try to protect the temporary filling by avoiding chewing on that area and also stay away from hard food. Many times, this temporary filling tends to sink into the tooth, a sensation which might be mistaken for losing it. In this case, please check whether the material is still there. If it’s gone, please contact us so we can replace it.  [hr]
Root canal treatment is the alternative to extraction. It is not painful, so there is no reason to be anxious. At the end of the treatment, the tooth will look normal and is strong if covered with a prosthetic piece. Most teeth can be treated. Sometimes, it can happen that the tooth cannot be saved, because the canal is not accessible, it has major fractures, they lack the bone support (periodontitis) or it cannot be restored. Even so, the advanced techniques in endodotnics makes possible saving teeth which a few years back would have been considered doomed.
In case of teeth with no nerve and massive damage to the crown, the risk of fractures increases significantly. This is why, following an endodontic treatment we recommend its consolidation with a cone and protecting it with a prosthetic restorative piece. Try to avoid hard food in this area until the crown has fully recovered.


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