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Toothache main casuses are cavities, a real epidemics of modern life. By switching to a diet based on processed food, especially those high in sugar, the incidence of cavities and the need for fillings have skyrocketed.
It has been demonstrated that a person’s oral cavity holds over 300 bacterial species. Studies have revealed that out of the 300, the streptococcus plays an important part in the occurrence and development of dental cavities.
Food residue, especially carbs, make up the ideal environment for the bacteria to develop. Acids are formed and although weak, in time they erode the tooth enamel and cause toothache. From a superficial and reversible demineralization of the enamel, the path can take you straight to major dental tissue loss, including exhaustion of the tooth vitality (the nerve), causing the loss of the respective tooth.




The cavity can evolve rapidly and dramatically. The road from a slight discoloration to major loss of the tooth structure is straightforward, with devastating effects on mastication and esthetics. The cavity does not necessary cause pain, it develops over extended periods of time, but in an advanced stage, it can cause pain when the tooth is subjected to physical impuls (cold or hot) or chemical (sweet or sour). Complications at the level of the dental pulp causes a very sharp pain. If the pain persists even after the stimulus is removed, then damage to the dental nerve is irreversible. In this situation, the only viable solution is extracting the nerve and starting root canal treatment. Any alternative, including postponing, can result in excruciating toothache. We also want you to have healthy and intact teeth, but if the dental cavity has reached such a stage, extraction is the only option left.





[hr]The damaged teeth must be restored to their initial functionalities: aesthetics, mastication, etc. By losing teeth, untreated cavities can have serious effects on the entire dental-facial ensemble.
The treatment consists in removing the damaged tissue with the HI-TECH instruments. Using turbines and handheld NSK devices, noises and vibration are low in intensity, and the tissues are protected from overheating with six water flows. Minor cavities can also be treated using ultrasounds, with diamond tips.
The next step is the disinfection of resulting gaps and protecting the remaining dental surfaces. In the reconstructing stage, we will restore the lost the morphology and aspect, in order to reintegrate the damaged tooth, both aesthetically and functionally, through fillings and inlays.

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