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Tartar Removal – Profilaxy

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[hr] It is time for our patients to stop seeing the dentist only when they have a terrible toothache. The experience should be pleasant. Prophylaxis is the key word. There are a few procedures which make up this branch: sealing grooves and fissures, dental fluorization, manual tartar removal and with ultrasounds and profilactic treatment packs designed for diffrerent age groups and needs. What is profilaxy? Prevention. It all starts with a corect brushing method and auxiliary methods of oral cavity hygienization (interdental toothbrush, dental floss, mouthwash and oral shower). [hr]



Tartar is a problem that affects us all, even it brushing is done corectly. It is the main factor of bad breath and the occurance of periodontal disease.

To our healthy patients, we recomend periodic checks and plaque removal sessions (every 6 months). They can be performed using ultrasounds, air flow (device which directs a flow made of air, water and baking soda on the surface of the teeth) and profesional brushing. For the hygienization of implants and prosthetic restorative pieces, the practice has special plaque removal devices.


At LLL Dental, you can choose from several profilaxy packs. Combining procedures into packs lowers their prices.

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It is the basic profilaxy pack and includes ultrasound plaque removal and professional brushing. It is recommended to patients with no periodontal diseases (gum and bone resorption, periodontal pockets) and no plaque deposits under the gums. The ultrasounds break and mobilize the plaque and the water flow washes away the plaque particles, cools down the surface and massages the gums. Any such plaque removal is paired with a professional brushing using a special fluoride toothpaste, leaving the surfaces smooth and clean. Ultrasound plaque removal and professional brushing should be done every 3-6 months, depending on the patient’s hygiene habits.

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Designed for kids, recommended every 6 months. The first visit to the dentist should be around 3 years of age, even if there are no dental problems. The child will get used to doctors and they will be more open to the experience of a practice. We will begin with professional brushing and later (when tartar occurs) we will move on to the Kid Pack. As part of this prophylaxis pack, the child will learn how to clean his teeth, we will identify the areas which need more attention with a plaque tracking device, we will remove the tartar using ultrasounds and after a professional brushing we will coat each tooth with a layer of fluoride, which can be paste, gel or lacquer, which protects it from cavities.

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It is a more complex pack, designed mostly for patients with discolorations (on the surface of the tooth). This is a smoker’s best friend. If done every 3-4 months, the results are spectacular. Air flow is the strong point of this prophylaxis pack. The device directs a flow consisting of air, water and baking soda on the surface of the teeth. The pressure of the airflow cleans areas which are harder to reach (interdental spaces and the areas below the fixed restorative pieces). This pack combines an ultrasonic plaque removal, air flow procedure and professional brushing. At the end of the treatment, the gums are massaged using hyaluronic acid to restore their litheness and flexibility. You will enjoy a feeling of freshness and have a pleasant breath.

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Profilaxy pack designed for patients with dental implants. It’s similar to the Profi Pack, but its strong point is the plaque removal carbon tip. They are specially designed for implants. Being made of carbon, they are “gentle” to the surface of the implant, but “fierce” against the tartar and plaque deposits. Depending on the patient’s needs, we can choose between the carbon tips attached to the Kavo ultrasound pieces and the manual instruments. Oral hygiene is the main factor which influences the implant’s life expectancy and success of a dental implant. During every plaque removal session, we will also check the implants. These two procedures need to be repeated every 3 months, during the first year. If the patient keeps a good hygiene and there is no gum swelling, after one year they can be done every 6 months. Nevertheless, the frequency of the hyenization sessions will be established according to the patient’s needs by monitoring the amount of soft and hard tartar, the aspect of the gums around the implant and of the prosthetic restorative piece. Generally speaking, implants have fewer anatomical and functional barriers than natural teeth, so dental hygiene must be supplemented at home. In conclusion, the health of your teeth is a combined effort: your efforts towards a strict oral hygiene and our professional hygenizations.

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It is perhaps the most complex prophylaxis pack, adding to the basic pack, ultrasonic plaque removal air flow, professional brushing, a semi-surgical procedure-sub gingival curettage. This pack is designed for patients with periodontal conditions (gingivitis, gum retraction and periodontal pockets). We remove the tartar from below and under the gum and inside the periodontal pockets-granulation tissues which keep the inflammation and determine bone resorption. Sub-gingival curettages are performed using specific instruments, the Gracey curettes, designed to remove tartar attached to the root and smooth the radicular surface. We recommend you repeat this treatment every 3-4 months. After removing the tartar and the plaque, we will apply an antibiotic substance to reduce inflammation. For the purpose of keeping this periodontal disease at bay, you can play an important part by a strict hygiene at home, in the periods between sessions with our specialists.

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It is designed for patients following orthodontic treatment, with fixed braces. We all know that wearing braces makes cleaning more difficult. For this reason, we strive to maintain our patient’s oral health through prophylactic assistance. A poor hygiene leads to gingivitis and demineralized areas on the teeth, which can turn into cavities. The Orto Pack, aside from plaque and tartar removal with carbon tips and airflow that includes a fluoridation procedure at the end of the treatment. Fluoridation protects the tooth enamel against acid attacks from dental plaque. Our patients are closely monitored during their monthly orthodontic check and hygienization session every 3 months.

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[/slide][/accordion] All our patients can enjoy a customized profilaxy pack, depending on needs and financial status.


Tartar develops with time, because the salts in the saliva mineralize the plaque. It can adhere to any hard surface inside the oral cavity (teeth, fillings, bridges, implants, braces).

Aside from affecting the appearance of teeth, it is one of the causes of periodontal disease. It can cause gum inflammation or the resorption of the bone which supports the teeth, and, in the worst case scenario, the teeth can fall. It is very important to know that, once it has developed, it cannot be removed at home through brushing. You will need to come to the dental practice and have a professional brushing. The role of tartar removal is to clean the tartar and leave a smooth surface which will delay the appearance of plaque.


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