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 Inflamed gums (gingivitis) are some of the most common dental problems, caused by poor hygiene and the lack of information about its consequences. This disease is a partial or overall change in color, texture and contour of the gums. Gingivitis can be treated and especially prevented through strict dental hygiene. The treatment involves removing the plaque and/or tartar.
If gingivitis is not treated correctly, it can progress to chronic periodontitis, which results in losing the damaged tooth. It all depends on the individual behavior.
The treatment for periodontitis includes classic and deep plaque removal, deep curettage, applying antiseptic substances or surgery.
Upon completion of the periodontitis treatment, don’t eat, drink, smoke or spit, and don’t try to suck the blood clots formed between the teeth. This will reduce the risk of bleeding and will ensure a speedy healing process.
For 14 days, use chlorhexidine mouthwash (Corsodyl, Eludril), healing gel with hyaluronic gel (Gengigel) and chlorhexidine gel (Elugel, Parodium), 2-3 times a day, to reduce the sensation of swollen gums.
We recommend you use floss to clean the spaces between the teeth, but make sure the strokes are delicate enough not to damage the gums.
During the first few days, avoid alcohol or alcohol based products, solid, spicy or hot foods.
Patients with diabetes, peacemaker or high risk of infection must follow an antibiotic treatment (Augmentin 1000 mg), for 5 days.
In case of swollen gums, the hygienist will advise you on using a soft brush, in order to protect the gums.
On the first day, in case of sore or swollen gums, you can take anti-inflammatory drugs and/or painkillers.
You will need to come in for regular checks and hygienization sessions in order to keep the results of the curettage. Periodontic procedures are complex, and it is mandatory that you keep a correct hygiene.

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