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Inlay is filling made in the laboratory. There are cases where there is too little teeth structure to support a filling, in this case they become a viable alternative, when several teeth surfaces are damaged. Inlays are type of fillings made in the laboratory, which can restore one or several walls, interdental lateral and one occlusal, reconstructing the contact points between the teeth and protecting the interdental bud from the pressure of mastication.

Inlays can be made from porcelain, composite resins and precious metal (gold).




Porcelain is still the favorite material in dental cosmetic due to its natural finish, durability and strength.
Inlay is made in such a way as to be completely identical to the natural tooth and the adjacent teeth.
After taking the impression, the technicians create micro pieces from pressed ceramic or composite materials. The mechanical properties of inlay is superior to those of fillings and are recommended especially to reconstruct the point of contact between teeth. Inlay is fixed using special adhesives.



  • The shape of the tooth is recreated in detail in the laboratory.
  • The point of contact between teeth is reconstructed.
  • The color of porcelain does not change over time.
  • After removing the cavity or old filling, the remaining dental tissue is protected.
  • Superior marginal adaptation and increased level of esthetics.
  • The gum is protected as well, though tooth contouring.
  • Last longer than an ordinary filling.


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