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General rules, applicable to any type of brushing:

      • Dental arches need to be brushed separately, holding the toothbrush at a 45 degrees angle with the surface of the teeth, cleaning from the gums toward the tip of the teeth.
      • The toothbrush needs to be replaced after 3 months or earlier if the individual hairs are dull or deformed.
      • Don’t wet the toothbrush before you start brushing.
      •  Use the toothbrush for cleaning the surface of the molars and premolars with back and forth and circular movements.
      • After each use, The toothbrush will be rinsed to remove toothpaste residue and shaken to drain excess water.
      • Keep the toothbrush in a well ventilated place, at a distance from other toothbrushes.

We recommend you brush your teeth at least twice a day, to remove plaque and food particles. Preferably, have two brushes, one for the morning and the other for the evening. The most important is the brushing before bedtime, since bacteria would have the most fertile environment: warm, damp, dark and filled with food residue.




It can be used in addition to teeth cleaning. The efficiency of the electric toothbrush is higher than that of the manual brushing, though you should not give it up altogether. There are areas which are better cleaned manually. The two methods are complementary. Hold the toothbrush against each tooth for a few seconds, then move to the next, along the gum line. Use the timer of the toothbrush to make sure you spend two minutes on each arch.




Fluoride toothpaste is essential in preventing cavities and treating dental hypersensitivity. By avoiding swallowing the paste, you prevent the toxic effects of excess fluoride. Be careful when using fluoride toothpaste with kids!




There are various types of children toothpaste which smell and taste good meant to make them accept brushing. The children toothbrush has shapes and sized to follow the evolution of the maxilla. There are smaller electric toothbrushes for children.
Parents need to brush their children teeth from the first eruption until around the age of 8. Children must not swallow toothpaste, so only use a drop, about the size of a pea’s kernel.




It does not work on teeth which have not been previously professionally cleaned. The maximum effect is obtained following professional whitening, maintaining the results. To have long lasting white and beautiful teeth, avoid colored food.
We strongly recommend you use dental floss, which cleans the spaces between teeth and chlorhexidine mouthwash to keep the oral cavity clean and healthy after brushing.

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