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We know for sure that atraumatic tooth extraction is the best method, since it causes the least damage to the alveolar bone, protecting it for the future implant. Following this type of extraction, bone retraction is minimal. The most important advantages in dental surgery are given by VARIOSURG, the piezosurgical machine which allows bone surgery without affecting the adjacent tissue. The extraction tip of the piezosurgery machine generates ultrasounds which weaken the supporting tissue of the tooth and ease the extraction, without affecting the bone structure around it. It is very important that the bone is strong and healthy, since the extracted tooth will be replaced by an implant. Atraumatic tooth extraction of the tissues ensures healing which is beneficial to the integration of the future implant and healthy gums.
With atraumatic extraction, we can remove badly damaged teeth which can no longer be treated with root canal procedures or fillings, crowding or infected teeth, prior to orthodontic treatment.
We know that the bone which will take the implant must be strong and healthy, and the extraction of the tooth which will be replaced by an implant must be done in a atraumatic way.
If possible, inserting the implant can be done in the same session, or it may require a healing period.
Following a atraumatic extraction, the tissues will heal faster and without any pain, since they have been protected during the procedure.




Most of the times, their position is incorrect, which prevents them from erupting completely. If the wisdom teeth are covered by the gums, they can form cavities, which cause tremendous pain. Through piezosurgery, the tooth is separated from the bone around it, facilitating the extraction in a atraumatic way and with excellent healing perspectives. Despite all this, extracting the lower wisdom teeth which are still incased in the bone may be really difficult. Fortunately, it is painless, the only shortcoming is that the procedure may take a few hours.




They involve the surgical removal of infections at the tip of the root. This type of surgery are less and less used in our clinic since:

      • Microscope endodontics can heal infections at the tip of the root far more often.
      • Apical resections have a relatively high rate of relapse.
      • Since implants can successfully replace damaged teeth, it is the preferred solution.
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