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Periodontics is a branch of dentistry which focuses on the health of the tissues which hold the teeth on the dental arch.
Periodontitis takes on many forms and most of the times the inception stage is insidious and the outcome is uncertain. Gum inflammation, fleeting bleeding, discomfort at the level of gums can easily be overlooked. It favors the occurrence of plaque, the accumulation of food residue on the teeth which lead to an advanced stage of decay of the periodontium (supporting tissue), tooth displacement and periodontic bags.




Regular visits to the dentist help detect these problems early on. Adequate treatment, learning and practicing a strict hygiene can stop the evolution of periodontitis.
The treatment is complex, depending on the stage, varying from plaque removal, to surgery, for bone regeneration and reconstruction of damaged tissue.
When plaque removal is not enough, the periodontic bags are emptied using specially designed instruments ( Gracy curettes). Cleaning down to the healthy periodontic tissue and recovering the radicular surfaces ensures the reattachment of periodontium to the tooth.
The therapy for periodontitis involves ultrasounds with periodontic application, irrigation with antiseptic substances, periodontic bandages and infiltrations with bio stimulating products.




In advanced cases, an open curettage, with direct access is due. Depending on the case, folllowing the curettage, we can perform artificial bone grafting ( Guided bone and tissue regeneration). Periodontic surgery can also solve gum retraction.
In order to obtain long lasting great results, the patient will be given a treatment and monitored four times a year.
Periodontal diseases can be divided into two major categories:

  • Gingivitisincipient stage and reversible
  • Periodontitis – advanced stages
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