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What is a panoramic x-ray and why is it useful? It is an investigation procedure which allows the visual access to the entire dentition and the surrounding maxillo-facial elements (maxilla and mandible, temporal-mandibular joints).



  • Initial evaluation as part of the treatment plan
  • Assessment of bone lesion and not erupted teeth
  • Assessment of the periodontal health and supporting bone structure
  • Wisdom molar visualization
  • Implant simulation to determine bone height

Beat in mind that a panoramic x-ray is a slightly deformed image, resulting from projecting a 3D body onto a 2D surface.




PANORAMIC X-RAY-CLASIFICATION – Following the clinical exam, the dentist may request one of the 4 types of panoramic x-rays:

  • Standard
  • Orthogonal (better visualization of the spaces between the teeth)
  • No shadows (better visualization of the wisdom molars)
  • Pediatric (to visualize permanent teeth buds)



The digital panoramic x-ray is a great step ahead from conventional x-rays, in terms of technique and ergonomics. The physical support, the photosensitive film is replaced with a high quality digital sensor.
Before, the film had to be developed and the image needed to be fixed, procedures which gave way to errors. Panoramic x-rays ensure a high fidelity of results and high image quality. Moreover, using special software and complex algorithms, we obtain a high definition which was unconceivable a few years back.
At LLL Dental we work with PAX DUO 3D dental x-ray machine, combo specialized unit, produced by Vatech Imaging Devices, world leader in x-ray equipment. The machine combines the digital panoramic x-ray and Cone-Beam dental volumetric CT scanner. This is the most advanced method of radiologic diagnosis.



  • Extremely low radiation level (80% lower than in our competitors).
  • Comfort for the patients!
  • Ultra high definition of images
  • Advanced autofocus system and low vibrations-provides a high fidelity of images, removing movement
  • Metal artifact removal technology
  • Reduced operating time. In less than a minute, we have a high quality image which is automatically fed into our database and can be accessed from anywhere in the practice
  • On request, we can print out the image for you or e-mail it to you in high definition, lowering the costs for patient and doctors alike.
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