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Dental x-rays on film is a thing of the past, due to the long time necessary to get the results back, of resources involved (x-ray film, dark room), but also frequent errors.

LLL Dental has an in-house x-ray service, with cutting edge technology. Our radiology department has two intra-oral x-ray machines, one in the radiology room and the other in the operating room, thus removing the need for the patient to relocate.
We have replaced the traditional method with digital x-ray machines, state-of-the-art equipment which generates the results in a flash and provides a higher accuracy.



This new type of service uses the dental x-ray as the basis for diagnostication and monitoring the progress of dental treatments, especially endodontic and periodontic.

Digital intra-oral x-rays generated by VATECH ESX, are superior to classical methods in terms of clarity. For this purpose, the radiological sensor needs significantly less x-rays and allows immediate scanning. The image thus generated is fed into our database and can be accessed from any consulting room on high class Lenovo workstations ( IBM). The digital sensor replaces the film and facilitates a limitless number of high quality x-rays.



  • The resulting image can be processed for essential details about the teeth and adjacent structures.
  • The x-ray is generated quicker and minimizes the risks to the patient.
  • The digital information can be printed on paper or CD/DVD.
  • All investigations relating to a patient are archived and easily accessible for comparing them to the treatment results.
  • Our patients will no longer need to bring in previous x-rays, as they can be accessed from our computers.
  • Our in-house digital x-ray service is available to children and adults, yet not recommended to pregnant women.

Because LLL Dental’s values the safety of our patients and that of our staff, we use x-ray protection accessories.

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