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Dental veneers are common in dental aesthetics and involve applying on the exterior side of the teeth (mainly the frontal ones) special porcelain veneers. The result offers maximum satisfaction, a white, shiny, with perfectly aligned teeth.

Our dental laboratory makes extremely durable ceramic veneers, through a process of sinterization (placing them in an oven at high temperature), and applying them on the teeth and cementation is accomplished through a very complex and resistant adhesive system.



  •  Cracked or broken teeth at crown level (with no root damage or serious damage to the crown). The cracks in the enamel change color in time, become unaesthetic and cause discomfort when consuming cold or hot liquids and food.
  •  Slight and moderate malpositioning (crowding teeth or gaps)
  •  Teeth with congenital malformations (conical shape)
  •  Undesired teeth color
  • Teeth with large fillings which create esthetic discomfort, etc

The alternatives to veneers are:

  • Crowns or ceramic dental pieces on metal or zirconium support
  • Braces-which correct the position of teeth

The advantage of veneers is that they create excellent esthetic results and do not damage the tooth and require superficial preparation. For minor defects in the frontal area, veneers can be a quick and efficient corrective procedure, improving the color and the shape. Veneers can be applied on individual teeth or several, improving the appearance of your smile. We recommend you do a plaque removal procedure followed by professional whitening, because the veneers will have a color similar to the rest of your teeth.

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