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We believe in the Tooth Fairy!!! How about you?! Pedodontics is the branch of dentistry which deals with diagnostics and treatment of dental problems in children and young adolescents, from the first milk teeth to the formation and eruption of permanent teeth. Pedodontics, together with orthodontics, ensure a harmonious development at the dental-facial level of future teenagers, through early diagnosis of lesions and dental anomalies.




We recommend your bring your child to see the dentist as early as possible, so they become comfortable with the dental practice. We will try to make his first visit as pleasant as possible, educaional and to leave a positive impression. We will encourage your child to keep a good hygiene and we will reward him through great results.
We recommend you be at their side during the first few visits. Later on, you might want to leave him alone with us. We will begin with a discussion; we will tell him about the consulting room and the instruments, we will play dental related games, in order to gain his trust.




Visits to the dentist and dental procedures must be as short as possible, and preferably when the child is well rested. We will avoid pain, fatigue and boredom, and we will keep a warm and tender behavior.
We will explain everything in a plain language, and the treatments will be carried out with utmost care, with plenty of breaks. They will be able to watch their favorite TV program, which will keep them focused and comfortable throughout the session.




Lack of pain during visits to the dentist guarantees future cooperation on their part.
We use several anesthetic gels with a pleasant taste and smell, which will remind them of their favorite chewing gum. If necessary, we can do pain free anesthetic infiltrations. In addition, for extra comfort, we can perform inhalosedation.




For both children and adults, inhalosedation involves using laughing gas, a non-toxic mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide. It doesn’t have side effects and it is completely reversible. Inhaling this gas induces a feeling of peace and relaxation, of floating and sleepiness and lowers the perception of the surrounding environment.
Finally, we administer oxygen, and the effect of the inhalosedation fades away completely.

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