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The services we offer at LLL Dental practice in Bucharest are:

  • Dental aesthetics: a branch of dentistry which focuses on the health of your smile.

– Dental jewelry-applied on the teeth, they enhance the beauty of your smile

– Teeth whitening-essential requirement in Western societies

– Adjustment of shape, volume, position for aesthetic purpose

  • Profilaxy
      • Manual and ultrasound tartar removal-done regularly, it protects the health of the periodontium.
      • Sealing of pits and fissures-prevents cavities in sensitive areas.
      • Dental fluorization-strenghtens the structure of the teeth.
  • Odontal therapycavity treatment
  • Endodontics, microscope treatments-classic and modern root canal procedures (vertical and lateral condensation, fluid gutta-percha).
  • Implantology-replacement of missing teeth with titanium artificial elements inserted into the bone. In house dental surgery procedures.
  • Orthodontics-rearranging the teeth in new physiognomic and physiologic positions.
  • Pedodontics-dedicated to children.
  • Periodontics treatments-healing of tissues around the tooth (alveolar bone, gums, etc.).
  • Local and general anesthesia (on request).
  • Inhalosedation-the relaxing effect of oxygen and nitrous oxide.
  • Dental laboratory-an in-house lab where art is the key word.
  • Maxilla-facial CT scanner: provides a 3D scan of all mandibular and maxillary structure.
  • Dental X-ray.:
      • Retro alveolar X-ray.
      • Panoramic X-ray.
  • Prosthetic treatments: fixed and mobile restorative pieces, made in our laboratory.
  • Ceramic crowns without metal support-pressed ceramics and zirconium.
  • Ceramic crowns on chrome-nickel, chrome-cobalt and platinum gold support.
  • Clasps dentures.
  • Total dentures with acrylate or porcelain teeth
  • Crown-radicular piece


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Calea Mosilor, Nr. 296, Bloc 46, Scara C, Parter, Bucuresti, Sector 2, 020898

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