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Tartar Removal Prices – Profilaxy

Satelec ultrasound tartar removal200RON
Bacterial plaque collection 25RON
PARO profilaxys pack450RON
ORTO profilaxys pack350RON
IMPLANTO profilaxys pack350RON
PROFI profilaxys pack300RON
MED profilaxys pack250RON
KID profilaxys pack250RON
Professional brushing 75RON
Brushing and oral hygiene training30RON
Air Flow NSK with baking soda pearls100RON
Pits and fissures sealant - temporary teeth100RON
Pits and fissures sealant - permanent teeth150RON
Home fluoridation with trays300RON
Arch fluoridation in the practice75RON
Laser baqterial plaque reduction 100RON
The desensitization of aphtous and herpetic lesions with laser100RON/SESSION
Bluem Periodontics Therapy400RON/SESSION
NanoHap and Hydroxiapatite Paste Desensitization200RON/SESSION
Med Pack 200 RON Profi Pack 250 RON Implanto Pack 300 RON Orto Pack 300 RON Paro Pack 350 RON Kid Pack 200 RON
Tartar Removal-
Professional Brushing
Air Flow Jet-
Hyaluronic Acid---
Gc Mouse Gel--
Antibiotic Paste---
Carbon Tip--
Brushing Training---
Superficial Sub-gingival Curettage--
Deep Sub-gingival Curettage----
Fluoride Treatment on Both Arches---
Bacterial Plaque Removal---