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 Money is always a delicate subject. For some (a handful) it is not important. For most of us, it is a big issue. This is why we would like to make a few considerations regarding the financial aspect…
The money you spend on your health is an investment in the quality of life. Oral health and aesthetics have profound effects on the psychic and on other aspects of general health, some of them surprising due to their magnitude and localization (heart, joints, kidneys, digestive system, etc.). Take care of yourselves!
If you are short on money, please ask us about the priorities and the best procedures in terms of price-quality ratio. Also, for complex treatment plans, we will look for a way to pay by installments.
Don’t forget to regularly check our monthly offer page.
You also need to know that in the world of dental clinics in Bucharest, we are not the most expensive and not the cheapest. We are an upper middle clinic, pricewise. On the other hand, the quality we offer is upper level.

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