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Piezoelectrical procedures on the bone are techniques especially created to overcome the limitations in terms of precision and safety of classical instruments. PIEZOSURGERY devices are designed to make selective incisions on the bone tissue. VARIO SURGERY cuts through the bone using ultrasonic micro vibrations. The micro precision of this device allows complete control over the procedure even when it is carried out in the close vicinity of delicate anatomic structures.




The selectivity of piezosurgery translates into its capacity to cut through the bone without affecting the soft tissue. This feature is essential in  sinus lifting membrane during the sinus lift procedure. During surgery assisted by Vario Surgery, the sterile saline solution is constantly released into the wound. Its role is to cool down and wash the area, increase visibility and stimulate coagulation.




Tests have shown that trauma generated by ultrasounds is minimal, thus the bone heals faster, bone and gum regeneration in the area where ultrasounds were used is faster, they have a natural, uniform colour and present very low or no swelling. These features make ultrasounds the perfect choice for the patient’s comfort and a faster recovery period.
The tips of this device are sharp, diamond coated or smooth, for a precise incision and protection of sensitive adjacent structures.




Through piezosurgery procedures, doctors can collect bone grafts necessary for bone augmentation on the same patient, this type of bone being the most easily accepted by the body.
At LLL Dental we perform high precision surgery, minimizing associated risks, such as lower alveolar nerve repositioning, internal or external sinus lift, collection of bone grafts. HI-TECH technology doesn’t necessarily make you a good dentist, but if you master it, you can do things which 15 years ago were considered a miracle.

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