Dental Implant Cost – Price of a Dental implant


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[hr] The quality of a dental implant reflects the quality of the materials (the purity of titanium), its design and the microscopic features of the surface. Another factor is the complexity of the surgical procedure which leads to the recovery of the receiving bone layer and eventually to bone integration.

The dental implant cost reflects in the implant quality and the conected pieces, but also in the surgical procedures complexity that lead to a restored bone which will receive an implant that further will be osseointegrated.

Quality materials alone do not guarantee success. The secret ingredient (it’s not a secret, actually) is the experience of the doctor. On the other hand, in lack of cutting edge technology and impeccable materials, no doctor, no matter how experienced he is, can`t achieve good, predictable results in implantology, especially in the most sensitive field, that of bone regeneration.

We can’t sum the dental implant cost without paying attention to all these factors. This is the reason why the dental implant cost varies from one clinic to the other. Be very cautious when you compare prices. There are no miracle solutions in implantology! If dental implant cost is significantly lower, you must ask yourselves what was sacrificed. The quality of the implant, the restorative piece, the labor or is the price difference determined by missing some components or steps?

There are cheaper or more expensive treatment options. We present our patient with all possible options, in order to make a correct choice, both financially and medically. From extraction to permanent cementation, there are several stages of treatment which must be spaced out to allow the body to recover. A frequent solution is to make payment instalments for the treatment.

Another important aspect is that the cost of implants does not change by the time we finish treatment. A disturbing phenomenon for the patient is the occurance of additional costs during treatment. Following a plan based on as many relevant data as possible, surprises are less likely. In conclusion, if supplementary costs occur during treatment, we will cover them.

So, what is the cost of an implant? For some, higher, for others low. For all our patients, the cost is only as high as it is necessary for a healthy and beautiful smile!


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