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We recommend that parents dedicate extra attention to the dental hygiene of their children and eliminate factors which may cause cavities on the milk teeth and then permanent teeth.
As much as possible, avoid sweets between meals and before bedtime.
From an early age, encourage them to accept the toothbrush and paste, more so, since they come in a variety of attractive colors and patterns. Dental brushing must be performed by the parent, using a small quantity of toothpaste and a toothbrush suitable for their age.
After the child can brush his own teeth without swallowing the toothpaste, the parent must make sure that the brushing was done correctly. If you notice any cavities or abnormalities, please contact our  kids dentist (pedodontist) in order to start treatment as soon as possible.
Milk teeth are as prone to cavities as permanent teeth, but the evolution of the cavity is faster in children. They also cause pain and discomfort, but they are preventable through a good hygiene. [hr]


A serious form of cavities in children is found among infants, commonly known as bottle cavity. This usually occurs due to long exposure of their teeth to liquids which are high in sugar, such as milk, formula, fruit juice and sweetened tea.
After every meal, wipe the teeth and gums with a damp sterile bandage, in order to remove plaque.
We recommend you bring your child to the dentist before any dental problems occur, so that they get used to being in a dental practice. If the child is relaxed and he feels no pain, he will acknowledge that the kids dentist has good intentions and will eventually accept regular checks.


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