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The complexity and degree of rigor necessary to perform these dental procedures and treatments determined a strategy whereby the dentists at LLL Dental Bucharest deepen their knowledge in particular fields of dental work. A focus of overspecialization and niches allowed the team LLL Dental practice to reach performances otherwise impossible. The patients’s advantage by dividing the treatment into specialties and even sub-specialties, we can be certain that the patient benefits from the best care, provided by the best dentists, every time and for each procedure. Leaving aside the specializations and prowess, there are special skills and interest in certain areas that each dentist brings into their work.
More than eight years ago, when we decided to approach each treatment as a combination of procedures, we were afraid that what we value most, the relationship between patients and doctors will suffer. We had no intention to become a large and soulless practice. In the present, we, the team of dentists at LLL Dental clinic, share values rooted in the concept of professionalism. We believe in up to date specialization, strict ethical standards, in keeping with the patient’s best interest. Friendship, common values and principles, a shared respect among the doctors prompted patients to trust us as a team and not as individual dentists.
By appointing a coordinating doctor to each case, we manage to instill the responsibility for integrating each treatment in the best interest of the patient.

1. Dr. Minodora Lupaşcu -graduated 1959 – valedictorian – medical specialist in general dentistry 

2. Dr. Manuela Lupaşcu – medical manager – medical coordinator – graduated 1993 – medical specialist in: – general dentistry 1997 – implantology 2000 – cosmetic dentistry 2002
3. Dr. Claudiu Lupaşcu – manager – medical coordinator – graduated 1994 -medical specialist in: – holistic dentistry 1994 – general dentistry 1996 – implantology 2000 – dental radio-diagnosis – periodontics 2013
4. Dr. Mihaela Lemnrău – graduated 2003 – dentist – medical specialist in endodontics 2007


5. Dr. Haralambie Vlas – graduated 2009 – dentist – medical specialist in general dentistry

6. Dr. Teodora Damcalescu

– graduated 2008 – medical specialistt in periodontics – dentist – general dentistry

7. Dr. Roxana Gheorghe -graduated 2001 – dentist – medical specialist in orthodontics – general dentistry



8. Adriana Mocanu – chief hygynist

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