Dental Sterilization

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Please do not hesitate to request a short visit to the sterilization room, where we will briefly take you through the process. For more detailed information, please see below




At LLL Dental, we have duplicates for the entire sterilization equipment, so if we run into technical problems, we won’t have to improvise. We take sterilization extremely serious, which makes us a safe dental practice.
At LLL Dental, we perform a double dental sterilization (chemical and thermal) in order to avoid any possible error.
At LLL Dental, we sterilize every instrument box individually, using chemical markers (the color changes when it reaches the optimum temperature). Moreover, we constantly use biological markers (closed containers with live biological agents). After sterilization, to test its efficiency, they are introduced in special growth environments, so the sterilization is tested on the very microbes and viruses which might affect the safety of the dental practice.



After being used, the instruments are rinsed with water and deposited in special ultrasound baths and soaked in chemical sterilization solutions, for a minimum of one hour. To genuinely grasp the importance of such solutions, you must know that HIV, Hep B-HBV and Hep C-HCV are destroyed in less than 30 seconds!
Zeta 1 Ultra is a full spectrum dental sterilization and disinfecting system. Developed and tested according to latest European standards, its formula was especially designed to sterilize surgical dental appliances and instruments, including the most delicate ones (clamps, forceps, mirrors, etc.)
The ultrasound baths increase the efficiency of chemical solutions and remove solid residue. Packaging the instruments is now completely safe.



This procedure follows the chemical sterilization. When it is performed, the instruments have already been sterilized, as an additional caution measure.
The thermal sterilization is performed using 134 degrees C steam and variable pressure (depending on the program), for an hour, in autoclave or using 180 degrees C hot air, in drying stove, for 60 minutes.

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