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Dental Practice x 6 +..+..+..+30=LLL Dental

Indeed! Take a treatment room with state of the art equipment and multiply it by six! Add a dental X-ray treatment room equipped with a CT scanner and various machines for digital panoramic and retro alveolar x-rays! Plus the surgery room with its own rx, plus the dental technique laboratory. Plus Leica endo microscope. Plus a team of 30, highly trained people, who will greet you with a wide smile! The result of this is us, the LLL Dental practice.

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For the safety of our patients, all six dental practices are equipped with cutting edge Stern Weber dental units (dental division of the famous watch manufacturer) and Japanese NSK hand devices (turbine, contra angle handpices). Their features have been carefully selected paying attention to the safety and comfort of patients. Here are a few examples, with a positive influence on our procedures:
– Maximum precision: titanium, ultra light, ceramics bearings, vibration free hand devices
– Protection of tooth strength: 8 concentric water/air cooling jets
– The optical fiber provides optimum visibility at the top of the drill.
– Adjustable water/air temperature for a maximum of comfort
-Avoid contamination: fluid anti-retraction special hydraulic system –a must in any dental practice
For patien’s safety
– Instrument blocking mechanism in case of sudden movements
– Strong engines with adjustable rotation speed (1 to 300.000 rotations/minute)
– Monitoring of friction force with automatic stopping and auto-reverse-prevents the needles to remain stuck or break inside the canal[nggallery id=27]



Each dental practice at LLL Dental is equipped bearing in mind the comfort of the patient:

  •  Comfortable chairs, no matter the position required for the procedure.
  •  Special lamp with pre-set light temperature for determining the color of the teeth and adjustable intensity.
  •  Automatic disinfection system.
  •  Ecological filtering of biological residue and heavy metals (mercury etc)
  •   Ultrasound plaque removal Satelec system
  •   Efficient photo polymerization with fast led lamps.
  •   Intra oral photo-video cameras for a smoother communication with the patient.
  •   Infrared lamp for deep anti-inflammatory and calming effects.
  •   Sybron system of 3D injection-condensation of liquid gutta-percha inside the canals for maximum efficiency endodontic treatments.
  •   Micro motor with incorporated Video apex locator J.Moritta for maximum precision localization of the tip of the root (the end of the canal), radiation free. The micro motor reduces the rotation to zero when the needle approaches the apex, thus eliminating human error and allowing excellent results at all times.
  •   Ceiling lamp with ultraviolet light for sterilization of walls, floors, furniture surface and the air inside the room for an additional safety to both patient and doctor.
  •   Inhalosedation with laughing gas (a mix of O2 and nitrous oxide which has a calming effect and proves extremely useful in pediatric dentistry (if the child is anxious about the dental procedure), surgery and implantology.


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Calea Mosilor, Nr. 296, Bloc 46, Scara C, Parter, Bucuresti, Sector 2, 020898

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