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Dentist Mariana Bucurescu opens a private dental practice in Bucharest, in 1943. Throughout her career as a dentist, Dr Bucurescu makes the transition from a private enterprise to the public practices of the communist regime, keeping the same professional attitude. She spends an important part of her career at the Eforie Dental Methodology Centre in Bucharest, where she trains future dentists. [hr]


With a passion for medicine and under the careful guidance of Mariana Bucurescu, her niece, Dr. Minodora Lupascu carries on the tradition. As a young student at the University of Dentistry, she demonstrates her outstanding abilities by graduating, twice, two years in one. Therefore, completing her studies two years earlier, the country valedictorian becomes a dentist in 1959.

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Dr. Lupascu starts out as a dentist in Bucharest in 1961. For 48 years, despite of the situation in communist Romania, characterized by shortcomings and restrictions, Dr. Minodora Lupascu never abdicates from the principles of professionalism and concern for health, which have always been the foundation of this family tradition. And healthy smiles keep coming out of the door of her practice. [hr]


Times change once more, and, at the beginning of the 90s, a new generation takes over, spouses Claudiu and Manuela Lupascu. Specializing (among the first in the post-communist era) in implantology (Dr. Claudiu Lupascu) and dental esthetics and prosthetics(Dr. Manuela Lupascu), fields which were considered almost revolutionary in 90s Romania. The two doctors carry on the tradition of professional achievement and groundbreaking work in dental procedures. Together with Dr. Minodora Lupascu, they open the first practice and then LLL Dental clinic, following in their family tradition, now at the third generation.


Therefore, three generations of dentists built their career on the grounds of a family tradition, which comprised and still does a depository of experience gathered in decades, professional rigor and most of all a genuine passion for healthy smiles. [hr]

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