Braces Before and After

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After the dental braces have been attached, you must follow the advice given by the orthodontist. Monthly checks are very important, since the doctor must regularly adjust the braces and make sure they work perfectly.
In order to ensure the well functioning of the braces, you need to brush the teeth correctly after each meal and use chlorhexidine mouthwash, who acts as a shield against cavities.
You must come in periodically for hygiene checks, because both fixed and removable braces make cleaning your teeth at home rather difficult. Food stuck in the braces makes a perfect environment for bacteria, which cause bad breath, cavities or gum problems.
After the braces are attached, you will feel a slight pressure on the teeth, you will salivate more and your speech will be a bit hindered. All these sensations are perfectly normal and they will go away after a few days, whether you opted for fixed or removable braces.

What you must avoid:

  • sweet and sticky foods or chewing gum
  • hard foods which could get stuck in between the wires or break the brackets
  • high sugar food

If the braces cause discomfort, you must come in immediately to see the orthodontist. Initial pain caused by the fixed braces is usually determined by lesions of the soft tissues. We recommend you apply orthodontic wax on the metallic elements of the braces. For subsequent pain (days after the braces are attached), we recommend you take some Ibuprofen or Paracetamol and avoid hard foods.
At the end of the orthodontic treatment, after wearing the fixed braces, you will need some content braces which prevents relapses and keeps your teeth in the correct position.
Your orthodontist will advise you on the type of braces you need and explain you how to wear it.

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