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[hr_shadow]In orthodontics, braces are used to rearrange teeth in new physiognomic and physiological positions. Because we know how important first impression is, we want our patients to be able to smile with confidence! Nothing is more appealing than a beautiful smile.[hr]



Braces straighten the teeth and create a strong bite, increasing the chances to keep your teeth healthy for a long time. They contribute to the overall health of the body.
Children and teenagers who are still close to the development stage can obtain spectacular results with braces.
Adults, although they have completed the development stage, they too can enjoy the improvement of their smile and bite. Age does not constitute a problem in wearing braces. Healthy teeth can be straightened at any age.
Orthodontic treatment are a wise investment in favor of teeth health, physical and emotional well being.
There are several types of braces, which satisfy various individual needs. Pay us a visit and we will choose the best option for you.




First of all, we will have a little chat. We will get to know each other and we will ask you what you like and don’t like about your teeth and, more importantly, what your goal is. The facial and intra-oral exam will be completed by a teeth impression, after which we will make a model in our laboratory. This will help us to obtain the right diagnosis but also to record the starting point which acts as a point of reference throughout the treatment. To this end, we will take a series of diagnosis photos and recommend a set of x-rays. On the next session, we will explain the treatment options.



[hr]Fixed or mobile braces? Usually, mobile braces work better with kids, to guide and stimulate growth. Fixed braces have brackets attached to individual teeth, connected via a steel wire. They act with precision and selectively. Depending on the diagnosis and age, we will recommend the best option for you.[hr]


[hr]Whether fixed or mobile, braces hinder the correct cleaning of the teeth. The purpose of orthodontics is to create a perfectly aligned and healthy teeth! For this purpose, you will need to follow rigorous and frequent (monthly) profilaxy treatments.[hr]

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